A spouse may claim a monthly Alimony for the children or for the spouse, during the separation even before the divorce is issued. The spouse entitled to Alimony is the one in the worst financial position. The Family Courts may issue urgently via filing an ex-parte application for Alimony requesting covering of all the needs of the beneficiary. The beneficiary in such a case might be unable to generate any income covering part of the needs due to his/her age, health, financial situation etc. This monthly payment can be ordered for directly deduction from the salary of the spouse against whom the application for alimony was issued.

The issuing of a divorce does not cease a former spouse’s obligation to support the other former spouse.

In cases where the former spouse is unable to support himself/herself from his/her income or other income streams he/she can apply for an Alimony order. The amount is calculated according to the needs of the beneficiary taking into account his/her standard of living before the divorce and includes all the necessities for the sustenance of the beneficiary. Furthermore, it is possible for the maintenance order to include a thirteenth or fourteenth monthly payment of alimony in cases where the spouse against whom the order is issued receives a thirteenth or fourteenth month pay.

Beyond the above, each of the spouses can apply to the court to modify or even annul the alimony order. Depending on the circumstances, the monthly alimony amount may be decreased or increased.

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