Attorney Detail

Charalambos Acheriotis

Charalambos serves as an associate in the Litigation department of our firm, where he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in banking and civil law. He regularly represents our interests before the regional court. In addition to his expertise in these areas, Charalambos’s practice also encompasses contract law, family law, employment law, and rental law. He has a proven track record of managing a variety of cases in these fields and possesses the skill to draft comprehensive legal documents across these domains.


  • (2015- 2020) BSc in Law Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece


  • Charalambos has been a member of the legal association since 2021 and has been practicing law ever since.


  • Family Law
  • Contract Law
  • Civil Law – Disputes
  • Public/Administrative Law
  • Banking Law
  • Property Law
  • Employment Law
  • Rental Law
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