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Michalis Fellas

Michalis, a Managing Partner at our firm, brings a wealth of experience to the legal profession, specializing in areas such as Tort Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Banking Law, Contract Law, Immigration Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. His extensive legal expertise is complemented by a notable history of appearances before the District Courts of Cyprus, handling judicial matters, and the crafting of essential legal documents. Michalis’ professional background is further enriched by his experience in law enforcement, specifically within the Crime Prevention Unit of the Republic of Cyprus.

In addition to his legal career, Michalis is deeply involved in community service. He serves as a Member of the Limassol Municipality, acts as the Vice-Chairman of the European Affairs Committee, and is a member of both the Limassol Sewerage Board and the Board of Directors of the Limassol Waterboard. His roles in these capacities highlight his influential contributions and dedication to serving the community.


  • (2012-2015)    University of Wales (LLB)
  • (2001-2002)    Diploma on the requirements of JAR-OPS 1 of the Joint Aviation Authorities of Europe  at College of  Tourism and Hotel Management


  • Michalis served as a government employee in Cyprus, working within the Crime Prevention Unit (C.P.U.) from 2002 to 2015. He began his legal practice in 2015 and ascended to the role of Managing Partner at Fellas & Christou in 2018.


  • Tort law
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Banking law
  • Contract law
  • Immigration law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
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