Corporate Services

Practice Areas

Areas Of Expertise

Assisting companies in liquidation procedures or managing insolvency situations

Guiding clients on gaining Cyprus citizenship through investment

Obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from relevant authorities to operate legally

Comprehensive services to assist businesses in develop

Registration and protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other IP rights

Establish headquarters or administrative offices in Cyprus

Specialized Tax Residency Audit Services, ensuring compliance and accuracy

Guiding companies on best practices for management

Offering advice on Cyprus tax laws

Assisting companies in restructuring their organization or operations

Guiding companies through the process of mergers or acquisitions

Assisting in setting up foundations in Cyprus for philanthropic, family, or private purposes

Offering comprehensive accounting solutions, financial record maintenance,

Assisting clients in setting up trusts outside Cyprus

Acting as the primary point of contact for clients

Acting as a neutral third-party to hold assets

Acting as a trustee to hold property, assets, or documents for the benefit of designated parties

Assisting in bank account setup, managing banking documentation

Assisting companies in relocating their domicile from one jurisdiction to Cyprus or vice-versa

Helping clients set up companies in jurisdictions outside of Cyprus

Assisting multinational companies in setting up branch offices in Cyprus

Assisting businesses that hold assets such as trademarks, patents, stocks, and other companies

Transform the way you manage your corporate affairs with the expertise of Fellas and Christou

This involves the legal formation of a company under Cyprus law

Fellas and Christou LLC is your dedicated partner for Banking & Finance legal services in Limassol and across Cyprus.

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