Registration of Foundations

Fellas and Christou proudly specializes in the registration of foundations, equipping clients with a solid foundation for philanthropy, asset protection, and legacy planning. Our dedicated team has a deep understanding of the legal nuances involved in foundation registration, offering comprehensive assistance to individuals and organizations aiming to set up a charitable or private foundation.

Registration Process: We navigate clients through the entire registration journey, ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory frameworks. Whether establishing a charitable foundation focused on a specific cause or a private foundation for family wealth management, Fellas and Christou delivers customized solutions.

Structuring and Compliance: Our firm aids clients in creating foundations that reflect their philanthropic or wealth management objectives. We emphasize strict compliance with local laws, guaranteeing that foundations are founded and managed according to legal and fiduciary principles.

Ongoing Support: Beyond the registration phase, Fellas and Christou offers sustained support for the administration and oversight of foundations. Covering governance, compliance, and strategic direction, our team ensures foundations are effectively managed and achieve their goals.

Choose Fellas and Christou as your trusted ally in foundation registration, leveraging our expertise to establish entities that significantly contribute to philanthropy, wealth management, and legacy preservation.

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