Tax residency Audit Services

Fellas and Christou specializes in Tax Residency Audit Services, designed to guarantee compliance and precision in establishing tax residency status. Our expert team offers full-scale support to both individuals and enterprises undergoing tax residency audits, ensuring conformity with pertinent regulations and reducing possible tax-related risks.

Residency Status Assessment: We perform an exhaustive evaluation of the residency status for individuals and businesses, taking into account aspects like physical presence, economic connections, and legal factors to ascertain compliance with tax residency criteria.

Documentation Review: Our professionals aid in the collection and examination of essential documents to substantiate tax residency claims. We verify that all necessary paperwork is comprehensive, organized, and meets the tax authorities’ standards.

Audit Representation: Fellas and Christou represents clients in tax residency audits, communicating with tax authorities on their behalf. Our objective is to present clear and precise information to affirm the client’s residency status.

Compliance Advisory: We offer anticipatory advisory services throughout the audit process to maintain continuous compliance with tax residency laws. Our aim is to prevent potential complications and devise tax optimization strategies.

Appeals and Dispute Resolution: Should disputes or objections arise concerning tax residency determinations, our firm delivers strategic assistance in the appeals and dispute resolution processes, seeking equitable and positive outcomes.

Choose for Fellas and Christou for your Tax Residency Audit Services to leverage our expertise in managing intricate tax regulations, ensuring adherence, and protecting against potential liabilities.

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