Our Consultants provide advice to clients after careful analysis of market conditions and trends. They identify the most feasible, innovative, out of the box and cost-effective approach to help clients achieve their objectives.


  • We provide a broad spectrum of management consultancy services in investment immigration and wealth management, while ensuring our clients have access to a comprehensive range of expertise and solutions of alternative citizenship and residency by investment programmes, wealth and asset management, and international real estate development.


  • Our extensive network of authorised and regulated partners, agents, and representatives will provide you with the highest quality of advice on matters such as the best location to seek investment immigration or permanent residence, the type of investment most suitable to your needs, and how to prepare the relevant documentation.



  • Work Permit in Cyprus (Employment Visa)
  • Permanent Residence in Cyprus
  • Cyprus Citizenship By Years Of Residence



  • Renewable Energy advising on licensing, compliance and regulatory issues;
  • Support on infrastructure projects;
  • Commercial transactions drafting and advisory;
  • Providing representation in Energy dispute resolution and litigation;
  • Advising on competition issues;



  • Our broad range of business legal services helps companies grow and adjust to new strategic challenges and assists them throughout their business life cycle.


  • We help start-ups get organized and funded and assist both growing and established technology companies in obtaining venture capital and other private financing, corporate and commercial partnerships, intellectual property, patent applications.


  • We assist clients to apply for the Cyprus Start-Up Visa for non-EU citizens aiming at promoting investments in Cyprus in the fields of innovation and research and development (R&D).



  • Our consultants can provide advice on EU funding programmes and opportunities for individuals, small and medium sized enterprises, large corporations, NGOs and governmental bodies. We work closely with the client to establish their needs and ideas and reformulate them into funding application proposals.


  • We establish a strategic plan and a feasible timetable for your project and then we proceed with the proposal writing, the preparation of the documentation and the submission of the application package. We also do the financial planning and we build the budget of your project with you.


  • We search for partners through our wide network and we assist our clients in formalising the project, the application, the budget and in negotiating partnerships, taking advantage of our network which expands in a variety of sectors.


  • When your project is accepted, we do the administrative and financial management, budget control, documentation, communication and coordination of all project activities.