Real Estate



Our law firm is a one – stop shop for all procedures regarding acquisition of property and dealing with real estate matters before the relevant authorities in Cyprus. We offer our clients a variety of services including but not limited to the preparation of all stages and collecting all the necessary documentation to enable the sale and transfer of property.

  • All types of Agreements (Sale, Lease/Rental, Assignment Agreement, Construction Agreement, General Agreement and Management Agreement, Exchange Agreement, Donation Agreement, Option to Purchase Agreement, Reservation Agreement/ Receipt for booking deposit, Loan Agreement etc)
  • Division of Properties between Co-owner
  • Agents Agreement for commission payment, Consultancy Fee and Service Agreement
  • General Power of Attorneys & Special Power of Attorneys
  • Application to Council of Ministers for non-European citizens to acquire real estate property in Cyprus
  • Legal Opinions
  • Inheritance & Succession (Wills)
  • Administration for Cypriots, European and Third Country Nationals
  • Procedure before Land Registry and the Commissioner of Taxation
  • Environmental Law – Counselling property owners and developers on all aspects of environmental liability, compliance and litigation.

Our team of Property Consultants are ready to provide assistance in locating and securing the ideal property for your needs.